Phase 1 Details

Phase 1 includes all the prep work to the land, the Chapel, and the Academy Facility / Bible Institute.  The completion of this phase allows us to begin running the ministry, using a dirt field and commuting back and forth.

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Amazingly, the property has been purchased, free and clear!  Through the Lord's providence and some generous donors, we own a beautiful piece of property in the central highlands of Guatemala.

The land is in a small village, but walking distance to Quiche's capital city of Santa Cruz.  This is ideal because God has given us the ability to connect deeply in a small community, and the access/opportunity that comes with a bigger town.

Watch this video to see the property!


We've been working hard in recent months to put plans together.  Grateful to be working with Tito Orisa (builder) and Luis Hernandez (architect) once again. The same team that built our original Academy in 2010-11! 

Watch this video to meet Tito and Luis. 

It's a huge blessing to have trusted and capable friends in charge, especially considering the size of this project.

Prep Work

Before anything else can happen, the preparation work for Phase 1 includes:

  • Leveling all of the land
  • Retention walls and platforms 
  • Bringing in electricity and water
  • Underground water cistern
  • Drainage and septic systems
  • Concrete road and parking areas
  • Beefing up the security wall
  • Guard house at front gate
  • 3-bay storage bodega for work vehicles, lawn equipment, etc. 
  • And more...

Cost: $122,900


As a symbol of our mission and priority, the outdoor chapel will be the first building constructed on the property.  

The design for the chapel seats 80 people.  It will be the location for daily Bible teaching, meetings, and God willing, the site for a future church plant.

Cost: $69,000

Academy Building

The Main Academy Building includes all of the ministry areas (noted below) all under one roof.  It is a two-story concrete block facility pictured here. 

Cost: $473,600

Bible Institute

The Bible Institute will include a totally equipped classroom fit for teaching large or small groups.  

The plans also allow for a library with sufficient space for as many quality Spanish and English resources as we can get. 

Offices for resident teaching staff, visiting teachers, and coaching staff are also included in the plans. 

Cafeteria & Kitchen

The plans include a commercial kitchen with serving windows into a large cafeteria.  This makes possible to accommodate at any given time:

  • all the Rhinos
  • BVSA missionaries and staff
  • visiting mission teams
  • Bible Institute residents
  • those onsite for missionary/pastor training
  • summer camp participants

Weight Room

Like our other Academies, we've made space in the Quiché plans for a fully equipped weight room. 

Locker Rooms

The mens locker room will be sufficient for full size soccer teams.  Learning from previous experience, we've designed it with the possibility to close off half of the space. This helps when hosting larger events on site, by only allowing for the toilets and sinks to be accesible.

The Academy Building plans include a women's restroom as well.   


The Academy building plans include 2 standard size classrooms, to be utilized by the Bible Institute as well as the Sports Academy.  

Bible Institute residents as well as the Rhinos will benefit from the computers, printers, and resources available.  For the Rhinos, tutoring and study hall are mandatory in the daily Academy schedule.

Total Cost for Phase 1: $665,500 

$328,219 has been given to date!

Current need: $337,281

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!  Psalm 96:3